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~Our Story~

                                                                                   The Warm Front


TWF Logo_Pink Warm Front WITHOUT umbrell
Vivian Brown, Owner of The Warm Front, is also a 30 year veteran Broadcast Meteorologist.  In 2001 when she became pregnant with her first child, she began looking for professional maternity wear and quickly learned there were very few options available.  Soon after, Vivian decided to open her own maternity apparel boutique in the Galleria Specialty Mall. Vivian later decided to expand her business by offering baby clothes and creating a baby shower space inside The Warm Front store for quaint personalized baby showers. 
The Warm Front's Name: Vivian wanted to create a name that bridged the gap between her two passions, being a Meteorologist and being a Mother, hence the name 'The Warm Front" as she points to a "warm front" on the weather map. 
The Warm Front's Logo: Vivian wanted the logo to represent a silhouette of sorts of a pregnant woman at peace and tranquility during her pregnancy. She wanted to incorporate the "weather symbol" in the Logo too, hence the Warm Front symbol outlines the tranquil pregnant woman's belly. 
The Warm Front's Motto: "Choose Your Theme and Color Scheme. Have the Baby Shower of Your Dream". You choose from our selection of 30 colors and hundreds of themes to make your dream baby shower.  Just as no two babies are alike, no two baby-showers are alike. Each shower is unique to your selections.

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